Bespoke surveys

Bespoke/Sponsored Surveys Individually designed surveys to meet your information needs

At Alan Jones & Associates we pride ourselves on our flexible approach to designing, developing and running salary and benefit surveys. If you are looking for comparative data in specific areas and/or from a group of target companies we can help you.

Sponsored surveys can be based on

  • Geographical area - many bespoke surveys are for information in a particular area or for as many areas as you have sites
  • Competitor or Industry Group - Want to compare your jobs with your own sector? We can design a survey to capture the exact data you need
  • Specified jobs - some jobs are not specific to your sector groups. Use a survey to find out more general rates
  • A particular area of compensation or HR - Have an issue where you need market data to back up what you say or tell you what you want? Run a survey!

The information collected can be on

  • Pay - surveys can be designed to collect and analyse the pay elements you are looking for including shift
  • Pay and Benefits - bespoke surveys typically include benefits. Use your survey to find out in addition to pay
  • Benefits only - it's not all about pay. Some of our most interesting surveys have been about cars, bonus ...
  • Other Terms and Conditions - it's not all about pay or benefits. Some of our other most interesting surveys have been about other things: homeworking, notice periods, cars ...

Each sponsored survey is tailored to the information needs of the commissioning company in terms of jobs, survey format and other participants. Contact us for further information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your information needs.